Wounded Warrior Project



During the 2013 Super Bowl the Wounded Warrior Project ran their “CBS Cares” TV spot. While watching this commercial you realize this spot has a solid point. If our country wasn’t protected and kept safe, we probably wouldn’t be able to have the super bowl or football in general. A large number of US troops have been wounded or traumatized in battle and are suffering each and every day. CBS wanted to make the point of supporting our troops as well as the cause while making sure the Wounded Warrior non profit organization was recognized. The project wants to solve the big picture problem by making sure the viewer audience hasn’t ¬†forgot about who protects them and the sacrifice others make to keep our country safe. In regards to who the audience is, we can clearly see that it’s every football fan or whoever may be watching the super bowl on this given occasion. This commercial feels as if it’s trying to snap viewers back into reality and appreciate the great game of football in which we’re so lucky to have. This TV spot had multiple aspects in its favor but one in particular was the length. When we normally think of the Super Bowl we think of great quality football, funny commercials, and great food. However, we’re all familiar with the Sarah Mclachlan commercials and this is the exact way to avoid that reputation. You don’t necessarily want to make the audience feel miserably guilty, but just the right amount to text 10 or more dollars to 50555.


– Jack Davis

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