Your Perfect Match

The Pasadena Humane Society wants to find forever homes for every adoptable animal in the Pasadena area. They want to build a bond between people and pets that will last forever. The Pasadena Humane Society ran into a problem that most pet shelters run in to; their supply of animals far exceeded the demand for them. In order to combat this problem, they created a campaign that would appeal to people’s emotional sides. This campaign featured numerous paid print ads that showed that there was a perfect match out there for everyone. And that that match can be found in a pet. These print ads ran as fliers every few weeks and on the backs of them they had a list of adoptable pets with a picture and a couple sentences about that animal. These advertisments got people to relate to these pets on an emotional level by showing how similar some pets are to their owners. It proved that there really could be a pet out there that was made for you, you just hav to adopt them!

By Emily Spicka

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