Apple Watch


Apple decided to launch a new product called the Apple Watch back in April 2015. This product was announced at the September conference in 2014 making Apple consumers curious about the watch.  During that conference Apple lovers got a teaser of what to expect on the product.  Apple is known for their prestige quality of products.  Apple provides an emotional need to their target audience. Apple’s goal is to keep current consumers loyal and encourage new ones to become loyal.   For the launch of the Apple Watch, they used some forms of paid media. According to an article on states, “Apple has spent $38 million on Apple Watch television ads over the past month or so, according to numbers crunched by media tracking firm  That’s almost the $42 million Apple has spent on iPhone 6 ads over the last five months, Reuters reports.” The article goes on to state, “out of 300-plus airings of the Apple Watch commercial since March, almost half have been in primetime spots tied to shows such as AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) basketball tournament and NBC’s talent competition “The Voice.”  Some other outlets of paid media they used was their website and magazines.   According to the website article writer Juli Clover states, “in addition to being shown on TV, the Apple Watch has also graced the covers of several magazines in the United States and other countries around the world in an effort to highlight its usefulness as a fitness device and its position as a fashion accessory.” Some magazines it was found on are Vogue and Fitness.  It is clear Apple knows what they are doing and is an extremely successful company.  Apple is strategic when it comes to their paid media and it shows by the amount of products sold.



By: Sydney Schaal

Television Commercial Example:


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