Calling Lincoln Calling

By Jason Gieselman

Lincoln Calling is an annual event put on by Hear Nebraska that features over 100 local bands and comedians as well as a small film festival. Last fall was the 12th annual Lincoln Calling and there are no signs of the yearly event slowing down. Hear Nebraska has done a great job partnering with downtown bars and restaurants to put this event on. Paid media isn’t their primary choice of advertising but they still have a decent turnout every year.

I am writing this article not because I am impressed with what they have done in the past, but because I feel such an awesome event could gain even more attention in the area with a little push. The only advertising I have seen for the event is flyers in windows of bars that are hosting shows and unpaid Facebook posts that friends have shared. I would love to see more signage leading up to the event as well as radio spots which would be an even more cost effective way to reach potential attendees.

Lincoln Calling is such a fun weekend event that Hear Nebraska puts on every year but even I forget about it until the week leading up because there is so little paid advertising. I rely solely on word-of-mouth when it comes to this event and I am a big fan of it. This tells me that there is probably a large untapped market that is waiting to be notified.


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