JustFab.com is an online shoe shopping website that offers every type a shoe a girl could dream of. This website if full of several different examples of paid media. For example, they could be advertising a style of shoe on their website and at the bottom of the screen will display that the shoe has been seen on People Magazine, MTV, E! Fashion Police, etc.

From a personal standpoint, there have been several times where I have visited other websites while on the computer and banner ads will appear on the top or side of the webpage advertising the JustFab website. The website participates with other brands that they advertise on their site, while other sites will advertise their site as well.

JustFab also has several versions of outdoor advertising that they utilize, such as billboards. The JustFab campaign is a good example of what different forms of paid advertising can accomplish as it uses a large, colorful ad with effective placement that drives readers to a mobile optimized experience featuring interactivity and multiple ways to engage.




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