Land Rover’s “Sensory Overdrive” Experience

By Alexandria Marx

Land Rover put a spin on traditional print advertising in their Sensory Overdrive campaign. Adding a digital aspect to the print advertisements allowed Land Rover to create an interactive and engaging sensory experience for the consumer. The Land Rover brand purpose is to inspire adventure and confidence in any setting. The brand promises innovation and quality above and beyond their competitors offering a luxury all terrain vehicle that does not sacrifice style for function.

This campaign launched to promote Land Rovers new Range Rover Sport. The target audience of the campaign was “ambitious achievers,” according to Land Rover, that have a competitive mindset and are very tech savvy. A traditional print ad could not effectively communicate all the features of the new Rang Rover Sport, nor would it connect with the target as much. 

So the brand merged print and digital aspects to create an virtual test drive experience. Using Bippar technology, viewers can experience the new features on their phones with sound, vibration, and 360 view cams. A large magazine print ad triggered 3 different interactive sensory experiences. The video below demonstrates how each one worked.

This campaign was a huge success and is used as an example of incorporating digital with print media in a new way creating an engaging and memorable experience.

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