The Grand Destiny Campaign @ Penn State University

Penn State launched a campaign in 1996 that lasted until 2003 with a goal of reaching $1 billion in order to strengthen its mission of teaching, research, and service to society. The campaign involved all 24 locations in Pennsylvania. The problem that Penn State was trying to solve was being able to provide more forms of student financial assistance, recruiting advanced degree students, recruiting and retaining the best available teachers and researchers, and supporting teaching and research programs.

To carry out the mission of raising as much money as they planned, they relied on several major sources of revenue such as several corporations for their donations. They recruited several hundred campaign volunteers throughout the 24 different Penn State campus locations. They used their own students, faculty, and alumni as an effective way to reach others to donate.

The campaign contained four objectives if their fundraising goal was reached. Around $250 million would go towards undergraduate support. Such assistance could allow for Penn State to recruit academically deserving students who might not be able to afford their education otherwise. $63 million would go towards graduate support in order to create fellowships and recruit more more advanced degree students. $177 million would go towards faculty support to provide adequate resources for research and creative pursuits. $122 million would go towards supporting programs that support teaching and research.

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