We Love Our Lamb

Morgan Kumm

I have never actually eaten lamb. Apparently, Australians weren’t eating it either. The We Love Our Lamb campaign has received a great deal of recognition for its success through paid media. WARC attributes the success to “a strong strategy, supported by outstanding creative and diligent execution, that has worked in good times and bad”

Meat and Livestock Australia first began this campaign in 1999. It uses paid media in the form of television and continues to this day.  The goal of the campaign was to shift brand image from lamb being seen as a “cheap alternative” to a product that people will pay for because it is considered to have value. The challenge the organization faced was that the image of lamb is just a byproduct of the wool industry and it also faced the challenge that previously the lamb industry had seen an 18-year decline. One of the challenges the organization faced was the image of lamb being a byproduct of the wool industry. It also faced the challenge of a previous decline in the industry that lasted 18 years.

This campaign was trying to reach new potential customers by tapping into the mainstream families market, more specifically, “mums” with kids. “Lamb is a meal that brings families together. And as such, it should be advertised at times when the family is viewing television together. Our media strategy for the last two years has involved placing our entire peak advertising on Sunday nights only.” The organization wanted to reach a broad audience of mums (moms) with children of all ages so they decided to find an advertiser with a large reach and focus on one night a week ads, rather than a smaller advertiser split up throughout the week. The brand supplemented the TV content with other forms of paid media such as radio and outdoor screens.

So what value do consumers receive from this long term campaign? The success of campaign is value in itself and through the audience insights reached. It cultivated an emotional desire for the product by making lamb stand out from other meat products through its unique strategy that proved that lamb has value. A value such as the fact that Australian BBQ today relies heavily on the use of lamb and the market for lamb has seen steady growth since the beginning of this campaign.

A recent video


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