Samsung vs. Apple

Rikki Mueller

The new Samsung Ad shows how easy it is to use the new Samsung Pay feature. The Samsung Pay is a mobile payment system that can be used at point-of-sale (POS) locations all over the world. The key feature of this system is that it can emulate a credit card for older POS systems to increase the usability at universal locations. It works with the lateset Samsung devices.

The commercial ad features comedian Hannibal Buress at a restaurant where he asks if he can pay with his phone. The key line and theme of this ad is “You mean like Apple Pay? No we don’t have that.” Buress proceeds to show the workers that you don’t have to have a specific or updated coordinating system for it to work, which Apple Pay requires.

Samsung is showing customers that their brand doesn’t have to coordinate with other devices for it to work, their devices work anywhere with anything. They show that their products have better usability than their competitors. This advertisement shows pokes fun at the technology that works only with something else, meaning you have to buy a set of products (spending more money) to use the already purchased (and expansive) device.

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