18 September, 2016 16:13

By Alli Huppert

What did the brand do?

Prophet closes down work with clients for one day of every year to help give back to nonprofits. This event is called “Prophet for Nonprofit.” Prophet helps nonprofit companies start up and provides them with whatever they may need, such as a new website or brand proposals.

Who you think the brand is trying to reach?

The brand is trying to reach nonprofits to help them, but also news organizations so they will positively write about the company.

What audience problem it’s trying to solve; value it adds to consumers (convenience, utility, unique or social value, incentives, service, entertainment, etc)

Prophet is adding social value and service.

Why does it make sense for that brand to do?

This is how they give back to the community and help nonprofits start up and be successful. Prophet works with 36 different organizations, which allows all of their employees to match up with an organization they care about and help give back.

Whether it most closely resembles/ primarily involves owned, earned, or paid media.

This resembles earned media because others are writing about Prophet.

Tag with owned, earned, paid, and whatever else is relevant.

#earned #Prophet #media


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