Brand Museums

By: Morgan Dworak

Brands like Cheetos, Hulu, Land O’Lakes, Dove, Glade and Tinder have set up or sponsored exhibits and museums where interaction with the brand is both inevitable and enjoyable for the consumer.

I believe these brands are attempting to target new users more so than established loyal users. These events were conducted as a one time experience with an entirely unique approach and had no requirement or incentive to participate other than to engage with the brands in a new way.

The museum and exhibits quickly became facilitators of unique and social value. While the brands themselves, like Cheetos and Glade, offer consumers a specific service, this campaign promoted social interaction and attention for the participants and the brands.

It made sense for these brands because they had a need and desire to connect their consumers to their brand’s larger scheme, in Glade’s case it was “feelings.” Their museum connected the scent of Glade products with consumer feelings, giving the world “a whole new way to look at glade” while providing an immersive and memorable experience.

These campaigns are most associated with owned media because the content, design, and layout was determined and arranged by the brand itself. It did turn out to achieve strong earned media as well because the consumers interacted and engaged with the brands out of their own will.

The brands were able to use integrated media primarily through a participation-led orchestration, where the brand’s goal is to create a conversation between a brand and its audience. Each museum and exhibit serves as a textbook bottom-up model where social participation and interaction starts a buzz and leads to selective rebroadcast to a larger audience as well as consumers promoting their experience.


(owned media, bottom-up model, participation)

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