19 September, 2016 21:26

Canon: City Surfers

By: Annie Peterson


Canon has created a virtual experience that lends support for those wanting to learn more about fast action, low light shots. Their campaign “Come and See” uses river surfers on the Eisbach in Munich, Germany that are being photographed by Samo Vidic. Canon, using extreme situations to photograph, are trying to reach photographers that are taking those fast action shots. They could have shot these in the daytime, but took it to the next level by adding a challenge for lighting.

Canon is separating themselves from other brands by showing their camera is the best for these situations and is showing the best quality for the consumer. If their camera can handle low light, fast action shots, than their daytime quality would overpower other brands. This makes sense for the brand because most people are now using their smartphones for photos and they prove that a high quality camera is worth having if you’re serious about your photos. With all the talk about how the IPhone has new low light features, Canon took the challenge of creating a campaign that proves their product is worth it. This campaign resembles paid media for the work that was put into the shoot to put on their website, but follows earned media for the shares it has gotten and word of mouth.

(Canon, earned media, river surfers)


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