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Concert by LifeBeatBy Hannah Pachunka

LifeBeat, a non-profit organization, held a concert to encourage the younger generations to get tested for HIV. This music concert was held in New York to spread awareness and highlight the risks of HIV. This concert is reaching for younger people who are not as educated on this topic. The concert is aiming to highlight the risks and encourages them to go get tested. This concert teaches its goers that 60% of those who are infected do not even know that they are infected and are trying to prevent spreading this this infection. HIV is a serious infection that the younger generation is oblivious to. More information is the key to live healthier lives, and the only way to be educated about something is to get more information. According to this article, in over two weeks, 500 young people were tested for HIV, and 60% of those people have not been tested before. This just shows how much people need to be aware of health risks that are real in our world today. This concern is mostly owned media because it is what the advertiser directly controls. This company controlled this concert on their own. Hopefully this concert stirred up some earned media. Earned media is what consumers do on behalf of a brand. This covers word-of-mouth, advocacy, and social media activity. If a friend is going to a concert they will probably want to bring friends and not go to a concert alone. Also, if the music was good, they will be talking about it after.

Tags: Owned Media, Earned Media, Concert, HIV Awareness, LifeBeat

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