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OREOBy Hannah Pachunka
Oreo crated a program titled “Play with OREO,” to help gain some momentum in their sales. This program includes recipes that are exclusive for the users; along with different ways that the cookies can be fun. The research shows that mothers purchase OREOs the most frequently. Mothers of the household are often doing the grocery shopping and love to bake for their friends and family. OREO wants to inspire mothers all over who love to bake for their families to try new and exciting recipes using OREOs. We all know OREOs already taste great and have many great flavors to try, but learning new recipes with OREOs is even better. These users want to bake for their friends and family. Using this program will inspire the users to try new and exciting ways to eat his delicious cookie. It makes sense because these users want the next best thing. They want to make their families happy and baking new and exciting recipes is a great way to do so. This program is targeted at mothers who like to share recipes, like gaming excitement, and who like to bake. It is mostly owned media because this brand owns this program and it is promoting OREO. Owned media is what the advertiser directly controls. Hopefully this turns into earned media as well because if these mothers share like OREO is hoping they share, the buzz will start. Earned media is what consumers do on behalf of a brand. This covers word-of-mouth, advocacy, and social media activity. Mothers in their target audience love to share their recipes and talk about where to find all this fun information.

Tag: Owned Media, Earned Media, OREO, Play with OREO

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