Ky-Rispy Kreme Donut

By Morgan Dworak:

Nike has partnered with Kyrie Irving and Krispy Kreme to launch a new shoe, the Ky-Rispy Kreme, which is inspired by, packaged, and sold like a donut. The custom shoe is only sold in small amounts through Krispy-Kreme “food trucks” in Cleveland, Baltimore, Manhattan and Brooklyn.

By the design of the shoe is it pretty clear that Nike is trying to target men, most likely high school and college aged. Kyrie Irving is the point guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers and using him as the face of this campaign was a strategic decision to target towards the specific demographic interested in the NBA.

I think Nike recognized the need for integration and sought an advertising approach that covered multiple media platforms. Partnering with Krispy Kreme attracted attention because it was a new method that associated a unique value and high social status along with the new line of Nike shoes.

Launching this campaign with Krispy Kreme and Kyrie Irving made sense because the ideal environment of typical NBA fan and donut lover matches the approach Nike took in their video commercial and other content. Their primary consumers value humor, competition, and entertainment, which is exactly what this shoe line provides.

This campaign primarily exhibits owned media because they are in complete control of the shoe design, shoe distribution, and video content. It is primarily executed as an advertising-led integration that uses a full-scale advertising creative idea that is executed across multiple channels – both traditional and non-traditional.


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