KYSS – Informing Teens One HIV Test At A Time

Grace Nesseth

LifeBeat is a nonprofit organization in America that is dedicated to helping prevent HIV. The brand is trying to reach teens and young adults who aren’t socially aware about diseases such as HIV. The Audience problem they are trying to solve revolves around teens who aren’t worried about sexually transmitted diseases, but especially teens who don’t know anything about HIV. The brand conducted research and found that teens aren’t worried about sexually transmitted diseases, as much as they are worried about missing out. The brand found a way to get teens to want to be involved by providing a concert for them. Under one condition, they would have to get an HIV test first. They mainly wanted to track people who had never been tested for HIV before, age’s from 18-24 years old. The concert was titled KYSS (Know Your Status Stage), they had an impressive title lineup that not only performed, but informed. The brand mainly focused on paid media, first paying the celebrity performers to tweet out about the concert, and generate excitement. They then went to billboards, prints and posters. They placed them throughout Times Square, and placed the print ads in The Village Voice. They sent out an influential weekly newspaper for the audience, and placed posters near testing centers near where the venue would take place. The brand got their audience’s attention, and local testing centers went from 12-15 people a day to 25-40 every day during the campaign. LifeBeat tripled their goal, in two weeks they sold 500 tickets, each of which required an HIV test. They used the prequel/teaser model, having the celebrities post things on their social media. Things that explained something was coming up, and it was something they needed to be excited about, but they didn’t know the details yet. They then went to print, social media, and billboards once there was enough hype around what was going to happen. This non-profit used the best of breed model, hiring a lead agency who then hired out to make sure all of their advertising and public relation goals were met.

(HIV, concert, testing, STD)

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