20 September, 2016 03:49

Memphis Grizzlies honor MLK with jerseys

Mack Campbell

The brand I chose was the Memphis Grizzlies. In January, 2017, they will be wearing custom jerseys in honor of Martin Luther King Junior. Instead of an image of MLK, the jersey mimics the aesthetics of the Lorraine Motel, where he was assassinated. The Grizzlies are trying to reach sports fans who agree with those athletes currently taking a stand for injustice, as well as people who are rights advocates. This subtly and effortlessly touches on a very important social topic without disrespecting the National Anthem. It makes sense for the brand to do this because the south has had a lot of unrest in the recent months, and professional sports teams have been put under fire for taking a stand and not taking a stand. This respectfully does both, while honoring a great American hero. It is owned because by creating these jerseys as an organization (instead of outsourcing them to Nike or Adidas to design, they have full control over the statement.

(owned, basketball, NBA, MLK)

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