20 September, 2016 03:50

I’m “With Her” Owned Media Techniques

Mack Campbell

The brand I chose was the Hilary Clinton Campaign. Although I am hesitant about her political standpoints, she does an excellent job at controlling her owned media, specifically the podcast, “With Her,” that she has created. It is trying to reach hesitant voters by feeling like you are having a conversation with her. It is trying to solve the problem of hesitant voters, who are unsure she is fit for the presidency because of the Benghazi scandal and other various factors. It is very personal and allows Hillary Clinton to answer question she chooses in a controlled environment. It makes sense for her “brand” (campaign) to do this because since this is such a close election, she needs to do everything she can to win over on the fence voters, especially Republicans. This is very much owned media, because she is not paying someone to do this, or getting the attention from doing something. She fully controls it.

(owned, election, clinton, podcasts)

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