ADPR 391 Megan Sharp Blog Post

By Megan Sharp

Save The Children created one of the most powerful social media campaigns of the year in 2014. The video, titled “Most Shocking Second A Day” showed a day in the life of a young girl during the Syrian Civil War. They are trying to reach people outside of Syria because the end of the video states “Just because it isn’t happening here, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.” This was launched on the 3rd anniversary of the Syrian Civil War. This brand is always making efforts to provide safety, relief and rights to children and that is what this video campaign was meant to do. This clearly makes sense for the brand to do because this is what the brand is all about; helping children. This is owned media because they created the video and posted it to YouTube. With that being said, there was definitely some earned media involved because the video reached over 51 million viewers!

Video Link:

(Owned Media, Social Responsibility)

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