adpr 391

By: Michaela Stuart

Starbucks Owned Media Example

1. What the brand did

Starbucks is in the process of producing a video that tackles issues of social consciousness in America. The company is also promised to hire 10,000 veterans in an effort to ease their transition coming home and employment.

2. Who you think the brand is trying to teach

The brand is trying to reach customers who have family members who are apart of the United States army or customers who support the United States army.

3. What audience problem it’s trying to solve; value it adds to consumers

Starbucks is trying to show their support for veterans, which will be gaining respect from their customers and future customers. (social value and service)

4. Why it makes sense for that brand to do

It makes sense for Starbucks to do this campaign because endless people in America do support the United States army. Starbucks is able to connect with many customers and future customers.

5. Whether is most closely resembles/primarily involes owned, earned, or paid media

Starbucks is using mostly owned media in this campaign because they are the ones publishing the video tackling issues of social consciouesnnes in America on their social media. The company is also using owned media because they are aslo the ones to publish articles about how they are hiring 10,000 veterns in the next five years.

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