ADPR391 Megan Sharp Blog Post

By Megan Sharp

In 2016, Dove created the hashtag #MyBeautyMySay. Women use it to tell a story about themselves that shows them doing something or being someone other people believe that they cannot do or be. Dove is definitely trying to reach women. They are trying to reach the women that already use their product, as well as women who could be possible consumers of their product in the future. Dove is focusing on helping women be themselves whether or not what they do is considered “normal.” For example, a woman named Heather used #MyBeautyMySay and said that she is always told she is “too pretty to fight” but Dove encourages her to keep boxing. This makes sense for Dove because they have always been interested in helping women with their body image. They focus mainly on women because that is who is most likely to buy their product.This is owned media but they can use this hashtag on multiple platforms. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook all use hashtags but they took it even further and turned some of the stories into videos so that they could post it to YouTube as well.


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(Owned Media, Social Responsibility)

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