All they needed was a little air beneath their wings… Literally

By Megan Voypick

The Pima Air and Space Museum created a competition between local school children to see who could create the best paper airplane. The winning paper airplane then was recreated into a 45 foot model, which was launched by a helicopter.

The Pima Air and Space museum wanted to increase awareness by attracting visitors, especially to a younger demographic.

They are showing the public, especially the younger demographic, that their museum is unique, entertaining, and knowledgeable. Their goal is to spread knowledge about aerospace by creating a fun, learning atmosphere.

Their approach heavily involves the community by reaching out to elementary school students to initiate a local response. The way they reached out also reached the younger demographic they were primarily aiming for.

Their spectacle resembled both owned and earned media. The Pima Air and Space Museum used owned media to promote the event by creating the microsite , while they got earned media with national news coverage that reached over 130 million people.

(Owned Media, Earned Media, Pima Air and Space Museum, Paper Airplanes, learning, Tucson)

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