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Molly Meister

  1. The brand attempted to connect with users by creating a campaign that focused on its audience’s local experiences in Australia.
  2. The brand is trying to reach audiences that typically may use other credit card service providers by hoping to connect locals through their own experiences.
  3. MasterCard is attempting to add social value to their brand by connecting their users. If people relate to one another on a social level they may feel more inclined to use the same services as their peers.
  4. This campaign makes sense for MasterCard because they are typically used less frequently as other credit services such as visa and American express that have more distinct audiences. By connecting their users on a personal basis they will attract more people that can relate to each other rather than attempting to get people to relate to a credit card
  5. By teaming up with local merchants and using mapping and tagging technologies, MasterCard used a variety of owned and earned media outlets. Social media played a large roll in the campaign.

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