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Molly Meister

  1. Canon was struggling to unite their entry level consumers with the more experienced consumers so they created World of EOS, an owned media site, to unite all photographers with the common interesting being photography.
  2. The brand is not really trying to reach new audiences with this campaign but is rather trying to limit the disconnect between their two main target audiences. With the lack of new technology and equipment, Canon has struggled to cater to both of these groups.
  3. The biggest audience problem that Canon is trying to solve is the social connection problem between its two main target consumer audiences.
  4. This campaign makes a lot of sense for Canon because there are a lot of different levels of photography and not a lot of different products available. By creating a site where all Canon users can share content, Canon is able to connect its users and close the gap in their audience.
  5. The creation of World of EOS is a completely owned form of media for Canon. They are also technically using the site as a form of earned media because they are allowing people to promote their brand through social engagements.

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