Blog Post-Alec Maas

By Alec Maas

First Article:

-The owned media in this article is the Skate Art Music Festival presented by The Bay that took place at the Railyard. The event included live music, food, professional and amateur skating competitions, and more. The Bay is a local non-profit that depicts itself as a gathering place for youth and young adults to spend time and have positive experiences with a focus on creative energy. This event hosted by The Bay was meant to reach a target audience of at-risk kids and their families as well as the general population of young people ages 8-18. Also this event helped raise awareness for the cause and is meant to hit an additional target audience of engaged citizens of any age who may be ready to volunteer and/or donate. The bay is adding value to the consumers by providing a social experience as well as entertainment. By presenting this event, The Bay controls almost everything about it. Time, location, events, price, etc. This makes it an example of owned media.

(Socially conscious, Owned, The Bay, Railyard, Skating)

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