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On Sep 20, 2016, at 11:36 AM, Kyle Danielson <kyledan2> wrote:

By Kyle Danielson

Blog Posts Assignment
Special Topics ADPR 391
Kyle Danielson

WWF Snaps #LastSelfie of Endangered Animals

The world wildlife fund used snapchat to raise awareness for endangered animals. The campaign showcased snaps of endangered animals with the caption “Don’t let this be my #lastselfie”.
I think that the brand is trying to reach a wide variety of people. Most people who would open a snap like that would get sad and want to help out the animals in need. The WWF was reaching out for people who have a soft spot for animals/people who care about the Earth.
The value that this campaign is giving its viewers is they want someone to look at these sad pictures and think that maybe if they share it with their friends, then enough people will see it that this will make a difference in the lives of these animals. I think that this lies in a social value.
It makes sense for WWF to execute this campaign because snapchat is the perfect medium to show how fragile and fading, the lives of these animals can be. The picture goes away in a matter of seconds and you get the feeling that you won’t see that animal ever again.
These ads are technically paid media, but I think that they classify as all three types of POE. They paid for snapchat to showcase the ads on their app, but so many different companies have some form of air time on snapchat nowadays that it’s essentially like having a promoted tweet. And they also want the picture to get screenshotted and shared which would be under earned.
They picked the perfect channel for their campaign, the ads were short, concise and got the point across in a very effective form. If I saw one of these WWF ads I would definitely think twice about what is being done to protect endangered animals.
(Owned, Earned, Paid Media, Social Responsibility, WWF, Snapchat)

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