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By Alec Maas

-McDonalds noticed their “Most Favorite informal eating out” metric declining and wanted to do a promotion to increase this metric. They decided to focus on the Philippines, who are said to have the worst traffic on earth by GPS-navigation app Waze. McDonalds identified a high-stress touchpoint of many Filipinos’ mornings, the daily commute past tollgates. McDonalds took over tool booths and made them into “McToolbooths” that waived the morning fee and dispensed free breakfast food and drink to commuters as well as in-store coupons and promotions. Celebrities were also working to the McToolbooths. People absolutely loved the McToolbooths and McDonald’s “Most Favorite IEO” metric rose by 10%. It has generated over 33 million online impressions and netted a 99% favorable review by the public. This example is both Owned and Paid media. McDonalds needed to pay to get permission to take control of the tollbooths for the day. The Owned aspect of the campaign is that McDonalds handed out their own product and included in-store promotions. McDonalds creating a video and featuring the campaign on social media platforms also makes it Owned media. This campaign featured both utility and convenience for the consumers.

(McDonalds, breakfast, #bettermorning)

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