Bone Marrow Registry on Snapchat

By Morgan Swartz

Be The Match, a nonprofit that manages a bone marrow registry, is attempting to find younger donors using Snapchat. Within the discover page, they have ads that prompt users to swipe up and sign up to become a donor.

The brand is obviously trying to reach a younger crowd by using Snapchat. They purpose of this is to find younger donors, because younger donors are usually healthier.

They don’t have the most awareness of their nonprofit, so they are attempting to build that and also potentially find healthy donors. People who feel close to this cause obviously might be more prone to join the registry, but it might inform some that are unaware as well.

It makes sense for Be The Match to use Snapchat to target this younger audience because most Snapchat users belong to the younger demographic.

At first, I thought Be The Match was using their own account to do this, but now I realize they are using they explore page, I’m sure they have to pay for it so this is more on the paid media side.


(owned, earned, paid, Be The Match, bone marrow registry)

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