Burberry Owned Media Campaign

By Maddie Hill

http://www.cnbc.com/2015/09/18/burberry-to-reveal-london-fashion-week-collection-on-snapchat-before-runway.html (Links to an external site.)

-Burberry showcased their new line of clothing a day before fashion week on their snapchat account.

-The brand is trying to reach its younger consumers who utilize snapchat – a fast growing social media outlet.

-Burberry is providing incentives and entertainment by giving a sneak peak of their upcoming line only to the snapchat users who follow Burberry. It is essentially adding value to consumers and encouraging a growth in social media followers.

-It makes sense for this brand to use this platform because they are exercising their ability to use free social media all the while gaining viewers. They are appealing directly to their target market by using snapchat.

-Most social media channels are owned media. Because this was Burberry’s channel, it is easily considered owned media, however, if they were to pay for the advertisement on snapchats homepage, it would be considered paid.

-This closely resembles the ‘prequel/teaser model’ stated in the "what we know about integrating media’ text. They are giving a sneak peek of the line and encouraging more viewers to subscribe to Burberry’s snapchat page.

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