Chipotle Owned Media Campaign

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By Maddie Hill (Links to an external site.)

-Chipotle used its packaging to feature the short stories or essays written by comedians or popular writers.

-The brand is trying to make a deeper connection to it’s consumers by creating good content that is memorable and relatable. Chipotle is trying to reach its existing consumers and encouraging growth of new/potential consumers – perhaps the consumers that enjoy and appreciate a good short story.

-This campaign is most definitely adding value to the consumers. It is adding a unique social value by providing these essays to its consumers and giving opportunities for comedians and writers to showcase their work.

-It makes sense because it is creating a buzz and initiating a conversation about Chipotle and its in involvement in showcasing short stories to provide entertainment. This is a brilliant strategy in the sense that it is not paid media, yet it is generating a lot of participation and talk from consumers.

-It is owned media because it is the packaging that the Chipotle food comes in. It is not paid advertising and they own this type of advertising, however, it could easily translate to earned media if the packaging migrates and captures the attention of consumers outside of the restaurant.

-Chipotle uses participation-led orchestration by encouraging consumers to participate and generating conversation.

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