Coalition to Police Ad Standards

By Ory Wickizer

· What the brand did

  • Google, Washington Post, and several other organizations are trying to combat ad blocking programs by making digital ads more consumer friendly.

· Who you think the brand is trying to reach

  • The coalition is trying to reach all digital consumers. Ad blocking is growing at a substantial rate, which means an increasingly huge loss in ad revenue.

· What audience problem it’s trying to solve; value it adds to consumers (convenience, utility, unique or social value, incentives, service, entertainment, etc)

  • It’s trying to make sure that when ads do reach digital consumers, they’re quality ads, not obtrusive, annoying, and distracting like so many online ads are today.

· Why it makes sense for that brand to do

  • Google is a giant in the digital ad business, as are many of the other organizations in the coalition. If people are blocking their ads, they’re losing revenue and exposure.

· Whether it most closely resembles/ primarily involves owned, earned, or paid media

  • This involves paid media. Ads blocked by ad blocking software are almost entirely paid, as far as I know.

· Use definitions in the “what we know about integrating media” reading

  • According to the reading’s definitions, ads blocked by ad blockers are paid. They are a “media space advertisers pay to advertise in.”

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