Domino’s Emoji Pizza Order

By Corey Guy

-Domino’s created a way to allow customers to order pizza by tweeting a pizza slice emoji to @Dominos.

-The brand is trying to reach millennials in this specific campaign by making pizza simple to order through social media.

-Domino’s is trying to make ordering pizza more convenient. Sometimes people are on the go 24/7, so making pizza easier to order will make the customer happier.

-It makes sense for Domino’s to do this campaign because pizza is something people normally eat when they don’t feel like cooking or are too busy to go to a sit-down restaurant. By being able to order in “zero clicks,” it makes the process much more simple and enjoyable.

-This campaign most closely resembles owned media since a person would order through Domino’s Twitter handle.

(Owned Media, Earned Media, Twitter, Domino’s, Pizza, Zero Clicks, Emoji’s)

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