Fast Food Rennovation

By Morgan Swartz

KFC, Arby’s and Taco Bell have began renovating locations all across the country to look more “high end”.

These brands are attempting to reach younger crowds. According to marketing analysts, millennials find the overall experience to very important when dining out. This includes comfortable, good-looking spaces. These three fast food chains are attempting to reach this market by changing their locations to provide just that.

KFC, Arby’s and Taco Bell obviously don’t have the greatest reputation for being a nice dine-in restaurant. If someone wants to go to one of these restaurants, it’s because it’s fast and cheap, not because they have a great environment. They want to turn that around and gain more trust and value amongst customers. Stores like Chipotle and Starbucks already have a nice, modern feel to each location and these brands are aiming to have that same success.

It makes sense for these brands to do this, because most fast food chain restaurants have the reputation of having rather disgusting establishments. When I think of a nice, clean, pleasant restaurant, I’m for sure not picturing my local Taco Bell. They want to change people’s ideas and so far their sales improving.


This is owned media because it is these brands own stores, but the news stories that have come about since, are earned.

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