My Calvin’s Blog Post

My Calvin’s Campaign Caroline Hohl

Calvin Klein wanted to show off their underwear line by hiring celebrities to post on their social media platforms to promote their brand. They allowed consumers to use the hashtag #mycalvins to increase their social media follower’s and give them a chance to be featured on Calvin Klein’s Instagram.

Calvin Klein wanted to reach loyal consumer’s of their brand to buy their product, but additionally wanted fans and followers of the celebrities they hired to promote their Calvin’s to join in the campaign.

They wanted to continue to be a relevant brand and get everyone to continue to purchase their underwear. They added unique value to their brand by allowing consumers to join in on social media and post pictures in their Calvin’s for a chance to be featured on the companies social media and website.

Calvin Klein is a well-known brand in the retail industry and in order to stay up-to-date and relevant it requires them to think outside the box and think of ways to get people involved. Because of their #mycalvins campaign it led to a significant increase in follower’s on all social media platforms for the company.

In this particular campaign it succeeded in using owned, earned, and paid media. The media that was used most was owned because they launched the campaign specifically on the companies website and involved their Instagram to create buzz and promote the campaign. The way they integrated their campaign was based on participation-led orchestration by having the celebrities participate in the campaign, which allowed consumers to follow as well.

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