Need Help Quitting? No worries

By Megan Voypick

QUITPLAN Services is a non-for-profit dedicated to facilitate the quitting smoking process. Their campaign approached the situation with grace and humility by using the slogan “No Judgments, Just Help.” Their campaign gathered 6,395 participants in four months, which is more than they had the entire year of 2013 with 5,922.

QUITPLAN is trying to reach individuals who are thinking about, have tried to, or are struggling to give up smoking and their families.

Typical quit smoking campaigns come off as harsh and seemingly impossible to the person attempting to quit smoking. Their unique approach to provide a service to smokers in Minneapolis creates a reassuring and less hostile view for quitting smoking.

This new approach gathered the attention of smokers and their families instead of the abrupt and accusing way typical anti-smoking campaigns worked.

There is some owned media and earned media used within this campaign. They used their website,, and their Facebook page. They gained earned media because they were featured on two major news stations in Minneapolis and had multiple mentions on social media sites.

(Owned Media, Earned Media, QUITPLAN, quit smoking, no judgements, help, Minneapolis, non-for-profit)

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