Owned Media 1 – Tigerair Australia: Infrequent Flyers Club

Tigerair Australia: Infrequent Flyers Club

By Conner Wolff

Brand Purpose:

Behavioural Objective: Reduce the 59% of Australians who rejected the brand

Engagement Objective: Attract 50,000 customers to new loyalty program

Revenue Objective: Increase airline revenue by 5%

Cost Objective: Make the campaign cost neutral in the first 6 months


Low frequency fliers who want cheaper flights with a more tailored flying experience.


Loyalty program: The Tigerair Infrequent Flyers Club. Don’t fly much? Join the club.

Website: lnfrequentflyers.com.au – allow members priority access to flights deals, tailored to their interests and favorite destinations.


Make flying Tigerair something not to be ashamed of.

Reset customer expectations about what to expect when they did fly with Tigerair.

De-position the big 3 airlines as offering false value.

Types of Media:


(Owned, airlines, loyalty, Tigerair)


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