Owned Media 2 – The Anti-Cruelty Society: One person away from home

The Anti-Cruelty Society: One person away from home

By Conner Wolff

Brand Purpose:

Find a way to give the animals of the Anti-Cruelty Society a voice of their own

Get the attention of our perpetually distracted urban target

Forge an emotional connection strong enough to persuade our target to disrupt their day and enter the shelter


Potential pet adopters and young professionals, ages 20-29, living in the Loop neighborhood of Chicago.


To give the animals a voice to embrace potential adopters and show them they could be "the one" to give them the loving companionship they both were seeking.

Bubble window clings strategically placed to make it appear that it from the animals inside their cages. Communication focused on the animal’s shared longing for companionship and connection.


Caring relationships are an essential emotional need for young people.

Building relationships can be challenging for young professionals establishing themselves in a large, often impersonal, city like Chicago.

By highlighting adoptive pets’ own search for companionship they could establish an emotional connection through a shared need, personalizing the benefits of pet ownership, and encouraging adoption as the clear win-win solution.

Types of Media:



(Owned, paid, media, pets, adoption)


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