Save The Children

By Alonzo Knight

What did the brand do?

The non-profit company called “Save the Children” put together a very compelling video that started out with shocking seconds of everyday in the life a Syrian girl. It started out on a happy tune showing pool parties, going to the park and blowing out a birthday cake but slowly shifted to days of bombings and gun fire. The video ends with the same girl with a single-candled makeshift cake, unwillingly/ unable to blow the candle out.

Who were they trying to reach?

In this campaign the target audience was anyone who sympathizes with the civilian effects of war in Syria. More specifically it targets people who probably already know some information about what’s going down in Syria. Someone who’s uninformed would look at the video, say “Wow, that’s sad” and move on. For those who are already informed, they would look at the video and say, “So this is what it looks like from a child’s perspective”. If that informed person is interested in helping, there next step would be asking “How can I help?”

What audience problem is it trying to solve?

An audience problem that is evident in our country is the lack of awareness about the war in Syria. While this video does fill in informational gaps, it does fill in an emotional gap. It helps draw people in with their sadness or their concern for the children in Syria. It could be used as a social value because people would think you’re a good person, or if you get your happiness through helping others it could be an incentive.

Why does it make sense for Save the Children to do this?

It makes sense because their goal is to increase awareness of global problems facing children, especially in Syria.

Owned, Earned, or Paid?

This is an example of Owned and Earned media because it was posted the YouTube channel for Save the Children and was shared millions of times. It took a lot of media planning to get the message out and since this is dealing with the lives of actual children it was important that STC got this video out across several media platforms. STC used a recruitment model to get people to sign up and donate on its website.

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