Skateboarding Cat

By Alonzo Knight

What did the brand do?

Go Pro decided to capitalize on the internet’s love of cats by recording a cat skateboarding. The cat appeared to have some training on when to hope on and off so it did provide mild entertainment.

Who were they trying to reach?

The target audience for this campaign would probably be young adults from 18 all the way to active middle-aged people. I say this because Go Pros are a tad expensive, so most people under 18 wouldn’t have one. Also this ad appeals to people who like recording weird things happening like a dog paragliding, or a monkey bungee jumping. Go Pro would be perfect for capturing those moments.

What audience problem is it trying to solve?

Quite simply, boredom. Go Pro is solving the problem of people running out of ideas for how to use a Go Pro. It enhances social values by giving the opportunity to film something weird or funny and show it to friends and family.

Why does it make sense for Go Pro to do this?

It makes sense because Go Pro has built its brand around filming adventurous things. This ad shifts the idea to a broader option base by suggesting that what you film doesn’t have to be super adventurous or daredevilry; a simple video of a ca riding a skateboard will suffice.

Owned, Earned, or Paid?

It’s a little of all. Go Pro posted the video to its website, making it owned. At the same time Go Pro put out a few TV ads making it paid media. As it began to get shared on Facebook over thousands of time it turned into earned media. Here a bottom-up model was used because Go Pro started by posting the video to its website. Since part of the intent was to get people to watch, share, and talk about the video this was more of a participation led orchestration.

(Owned, Earned, Paid, Cats, Skateboards, Go Pro, Cure to Boredom, Camera, Recording)

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