Skittles and Refugees

By Ory Wickizer

· What the brand did

  • Skittles reacted to Donald Trump Jr.’s tweet by issuing a statement that 1) refuted his claim and 2) stepped the brand out of any future engagement with Trump Jr.’s sentiments.

· Who you think the brand is trying to reach

  • The brand is trying to reach everyone, especially people who don’t agree with Trump Jr.’s opinion.

· What audience problem it’s trying to solve; value it adds to consumers (convenience, utility, unique or social value, incentives, service, entertainment, etc)

  • Skittles isn’t a politically charged brand, and here it’s broadcasting that fact. It’s also (and my own bias on the matter is showing here) appealing to a human-centered, human-family, internationally-neighborly sort of audience.

· Why it makes sense for that brand to do

  • Skittles isn’t willing to appeal to Trump supporters at the risk of alienating Trump-dislikers. Distancing itself from the matter entirely, while simultaneously taking a stance as a people-centered brand was a good move.

· Whether it most closely resembles/ primarily involves owned, earned, or paid media

  • Depending on how the statement was issued, this could be owned or earned media. If it was put out on their website, it’s owned. If it was PR’ed into the hands of newspeople, it’s earned.

· Use definitions in the “what we know about integrating media” reading

  • By the reading’s definition, the statement would be owned media, because the brand directly controls what is in the statement. However, if it gets shared and spread, it becomes earned media.

#Skittles #TrumpJr. #Refugees #Owned #Earned

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