Starbucks Red Cups

By Jazmin Nelson

Starbucks Red Cup Contest

Brand purpose: Starbucks’ mission statement is “Our mission: to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.”


· Starbucks ran a campaign on Instagram compelling people to post pictures of their Starbucks red cups with the winner receiving $500.

· It not only invited people to post pictures of their cups and give exposure to their followers, but it also got people to start going out and buying their coffee.


· This campaign was for the regular customer and the superfan. They probably also hoped to draw in new customers through the exposure from the online campaign.


· To gain awareness of the holiday cups and new holiday drinks and encourage people to buy their drinks and share them with their friends on social media.


· The campaign started on Instagram but gained popularity across many media.

Audience insight:

The audience loved using their own creativity to share their pictures of their red cups on social media. Starbucks is mainstream enough that users enjoyed showing their friends their Starbucks pictures.

(owned media, starbucks, red cups, Instagram)

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