Blog Post Revision

Gabrielle Lail Blog Posts Revision:

Deep Eddy Vodka-

This brand stated in 2015 so they are fairly new. They decided to go back to vintage feels instead of going the modern route. They use pinup girls to represent each flavor vodka in a unique yet classy way. The brand is trying to reach people who like something that tastes good, is still strong, and isn’t crazy expensive. This is something new within the world of alcohol. Their strong branding is what will lead them in this category and bring them to the top! Social value is what I believe this brand s focusing on most. This will be the new and cool type of alcohol that the most socially aware people will be drinking. I would say this band works with owned media the most. They create their own wall art of promote their brand and use their well made website to provide lots of information.

Tags: Owned Media


This organization promotes organ donation. Their platform explains that through donation, recipients and donors live on. Recipients live on through the selfless act of donors. Donors live on via a legacy made stronger as a result of donation. This idea really resinates with a lot of people. The brand is trying to reach people that don’t know what organ donation is and how it works. They want to show people how helpful and lifesaving this can really be. I believe they primarily use owned media because they use social media as a way to get the word out and truly educate others.

Tags: Owned Media, Educate, Donation saves

Thank you for allowing me to revise my blog posts. I some how got confused within this process but wanted to still show people information on this!

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