Breast Cancer Foundation

By: Morgan Dworak

Breast Cancer Foundation launched a series of advertisement drawing attention to the importance and benefit of self-examination. The advertisements showed tweaked Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter logos with the phrase “if only you checked your breasts as often.”

The brand is trying to reach women who are susceptible to breast cancer as well as encourage those who have been affected by breast cancer in the past or are currently enduring it.

Breast Cancer Foundation sees a lack in audience participation of performing self-examination and they hope to bring a sense of urgency with these ads. The advertisements appeal to incentives of performing self-examination in that it can prevent further harm.

It makes sense for the Breast Cancer Foundation to release advertisements like this because their foundation exists to raise awareness about breast cancer as well as provide information and encouragement to those who come into contact with breast cancer.

While the visuals of the campaign represent different owned media outlets, this campaign is most closely associate with paid media because it is promoted across platforms and shared to a mass audience.

This campaign is also specifically designed to drive earned media by encouraging users to share content and appeal to Facebook to use their logo during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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