Oreo Eclipse

Oreo: Oreo Eclipse

By Corey Guy

-The brand used digital billboards to mimic the exact movements of the last solar eclipse by using an Oreo cookie as the sun and moon.

-The brand is trying to reach millennials by using digital media to get their attention while the solar eclipse was happening.

– Oreo is trying to use a natural happening as a way to advertise the brand by tracking the real life movement of the sun and moon.

-It makes sense for the brand to do this because an Oreo is the shape of a circle just like how we see the sun and moon from earth. Oreo used #OreoEclipse while it was going on and using the tagline “You won’t have to wait 11 years for the next one.”

-This campaign most closely resembles paid media since the brand using digital billboards and print advertising.

(Paid Media, Oreo Eclipse, Solar Eclipse, Digital, Print)

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