Porsche Magazine Ad with LEDs

By: Morgan Dworak

Porsche highlighted features of a new car model with an unusual magazine placement advertisement. The ad reveals Porsche 911 in a way that allows readers to view “beneath the metal skin” and see detail on high tech features.

The ad was only released in 10% of the magazine Inc.’s prescriber run, targeting readers who live in affluent areas near Porsche dealers.

This advertisement eliminates any feeling of uncertainty in the viewer – they are given complete access to the product through the image display. It ads value of utility as it highlights the cars sophisticated aerodynamics, connected digital systems, and turbo-charged engine. There is also a social value that goes along with owning a luxury vehicle.

It makes sense for Porsche to place this unusual ad in the magazine spread because they seek to promote their products as unique and standout. Creative director of the campaign claims, “It rejects the ordinary. Every contact with the brand should be the antithesis of mundane, because that’s what every Porsche is designed and engineered to be.”

The LED light Porsche display most closely resembles paid media because it is shared to its audience through a magazine.

Paid media is used to drive earned media, which is why Porsche sought to produce an advertisement that will drive engagement. The article on the campaign says, “it’s certainly more enticing than most passive print elements, and represents yet another attempt by legacy marketers and media to move into the interactive fast lane.”


tags: paid media

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