Austria Red Cross Give Life

By Jazmin Nelson

Brand Purpose: The Austria Red Cross is a humanitarian organization that provides emergency assistance, disaster relief and education inside Austria.


  • Made an outdoor ad that looked like a 3D blood bag, which constricted and pumped like a beating heart.
  • It brought the reality to people who were passing by the power of giving blood. It helped get people to actually think of giving blood deeply instead of being apathetic.


  • The desired audience would be prospective donators. A large amount of the population does not donate blood because they don’t really think about it, so the Red Cross is targeting these people by appealing to their emotions.


  • Many people don’t donate blood, not because they’re against the idea but because they don’t feel like it or see it as an inconvenience. This ad aimed to make these people stop and think about the significance donating blood would have.


  • These signs appeared in Demner, Merlicek, Bergmann and Vienna. Outdoor advertising was a good choice because outdoor advertisements get more frequency, potentially reaching “over 80 percent of adults in a given area in a month” (Katz, 97).

Audience Insight:

Audiences were more likely to go and donate blood because the display made giving blood more real to them. It helped them understand the importance of giving blood and the huge contribution it can make in another person’s life.

(paid media, red cross, billboard, outside media)

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