Babson College – The Entrepreneurs

By Rachel Wortmann

Why? The purpose behind Babson’s campaign is to keep the legitimacy behind their already established image. Babson is a prominent business school in Massachusetts and this campaign will help continue that image through the success stories at the forefront. This campaign focused in to address the question, “Is there still worth in a four year college degree?” After viewing the variations in channels, one without a doubt would agree with Babson, that in this program value is still found.

Who? The desired audience for this campaign falls within a wide stretch of people. The direct consumer would obviously be prospective students, returning students, or individuals looking into a program beyond a bachelor’s degree. Indirect influence on other individuals would be relative to their circumstances. A parent to a high school graduate or a business recruiter would be influenced by the image portrayed about Babson. It subconsciously sets Babson on higher ground than a university who doesn’t particularly advertise its success stories.

What? Babson decided to use print, online, and out of home media to execute its campaign. By using these strategically, they could have a higher control over who is seeing the ad. Through media, such as a television ad, the brand has less control over whom the message is reaching. In turn, this could waste a lot of their media budget by reaching children or senior citizens who have no interest in the brand or message.

Where? These ads were placed at highly populated street corners in Boston, train stations, airports, online, as digital ads on buildings, and in magazines.

Audience insight: The successful of the college starts to stick with consumers after viewing an ad like this. This influences decisions of future students and employers.

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