Belt Up

By Mardi Olson

Brand Purpose: “Belt Up” is a road safety awareness campaign to promoter wearing seatbelts to reduce the severity of injury in a crash and to even save your life.


-This is a billboard ad that is set up to look like the person in the back seat who is not wearing a seatbelt, is about to be slingshotted like a rock would in a slingshot.
– It is showing the reality of what can happen if you are in a car accident and aren’t wearing a seatbelt. Many people in car accidents who don’t wear seatbelts are often thrown from the vehicle making the injuries much worse (if they end up surviving).


– The audience this is trying to reach is anyone who is ever in a car and does not typically wear their seatbelt. This is also crushing the myth for the people who think that being in the back seat is safer.


-Statistics show that still to this day people aren’t wearing their seatbelts and the insurance company behind this ad are trying to tell people to not become another statistic.


-This was done in Western Australia by the Insurance Commission of Western Australia

(paid media, billboard, outside media)

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