Blog Post 2/2

Blog Post 2/2


Yoni Gill

  • BMW wanted to give people content that actually cared for, rather than just watched.
  • Directing attention at the 75% of BMW owners that visited their website regularly, and the 85% of car purchases that looked at auto websites before heading to the dealer.
  • BMW spent 17 million on this campaign, that featured an hour long film “The Hire”, released in parts that had it’s own story line, but almost of the vehicles in the film were BMW’s. It created Brand Content that people actually cared about.
  • It was posted to a website and released in parts. People waited hours for the video to download so they could watch it, they also had friends and family watch it.
  • The brand wanted to do something no one else was doing, and in the early 2000s no one was creating videos and releasing them on the internet.

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