#CatsNotAds Attracts Attention from London Subway Users

By: Morgan Rezac

Through 68 ad replacements with cats, Battersea wanted to remind viewers of what brings value to their lives, specifically encouraging them to adopt a cat.

Battersea focused on new and non-existing customers to draw attention to the cats.

The brand raised awareness and funds for the animal shelter by using out of home paid media, specifically by the advertising space in London’s Clapham Common Tube Station. Battersea made the advertisement unique and convenient for viewers by placing the ads in a highly trafficked area.

Battersea used paid media to place cat designs in every advertising area within the Clapham Common Tube Station in London. The advertisement also gained earned media by encouraging viewers to post with the hashtag, #CatsNotAds.

Tags: Paid, Earned, Cats, London, Subway Station, Out of Home Media


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